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Xiamen HongTian Automation Technology Co., Ltd. adopted flat management model; company  under: R & D department, Purchasing Department, Quality Assurance  Department, the Department of integrated, production (machining  workshop, assembly workshop), marketing (six departments).

(Including  product research and development department); college education  accounted for 25% (mainly for machining and assembly departments and  quality assurance departments), technical qualifications accounted for  14% or more.

In the staff: 20 years of  relay industry equipment management and development experience of 2  people; 15 years relay industry production, quality, technology,  equipment management 1; 5 years relay, bathroom, hardware, electrical  and mechanical industry product development Staff 5; 3 years or more equipment fitter technician 3, machine mechanics 4 people.

Wang  days automation company's team in addition to a strong industry  expertise, but also to play to provide customers with quality and cheap  products and services.