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An Analysis of Two Conditions of China 's Manufacturing Industry Towards Wisdom Factory

2017-04-13 10:29:34 AM

In the traditional manufacturing execution system, the task orders, job instructions are issued by manual, mechanical equipment by the manual operation, production statistics should also be manually input summary. Not only need more workers, and production efficiency is not high, prone to errors. In the future, the traditional manufacturing enterprises will be "smart factory" transformation, with automation and mechanical equipment instead of artificial, processing and manufacturing process entirely by equipment to complete, these devices can also be interconnected, personnel, materials, equipment, finished semi-finished products to achieve control integration.

So to achieve the wisdom of the factory, China's manufacturing industry need to meet what conditions?

The first step: production information

China is becoming the center of global manufacturing, China is a manufacturing power, but not a strong country. Therefore, the state has determined through the industrialization of information technology to promote national policy, to promote manufacturing enterprises to implement manufacturing information.

The combination of information technology, automation technology, modern management technology and manufacturing technology can improve the production, management, product development and production of manufacturing enterprises, improve production efficiency, product quality and enterprise innovation ability, reduce Consumption, innovation of product design method and design tool, innovation of enterprise management mode, innovation of manufacturing technology and innovation of cooperation among enterprises, so as to realize the informationization of product design and manufacture and enterprise management, intelligentization and manufacture of production process control Equipment, CNC and advisory services network, and comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry.

China recently announced "to promote information consumption to expand domestic demand in a number of opinions" pointed out: to enhance the software industry to support service levels. Strengthen the intelligent terminal, intelligent voice, information security and other key software development and application, to speed up the security and credibility of key applications to promote the system. (PLM), Manufacturing Execution Management System (MES), and so on. It is a key technology for enterprise informationization, breakthrough core business information system, large application system and so on. It develops embedded software and application software based on open standards, accelerates product life cycle management (PLM), manufacturing execution management system (MES) Software industry. Strengthen the industrial control system software development and security applications. Accelerate the promotion of enterprise information, enhance the level of integrated application and business collaborative innovation, and promote the manufacturing service. Strong support for software application store, software as a service (SaaS) and other service model innovation.

The second step: a high degree of automation of production links

Industrial robots can be said to have opened to the world of the curtain, it directly brought the automated production line, the first time in the history of workers from large-scale production line in the liberation. In developed countries, industrial robots automated production line complete sets of equipment has become the mainstream of automation equipment and the future direction of development. Foreign automobile industry, electrical and electronic industry, engineering machinery and other industries have been extensive use of industrial robots for automated production.

With the emergence of industrial robots and automation equipment near the turning point, labor shortage and other issues, the domestic market for industrial robots and automation equipment, will become the trend.

The application of industrial robots plays a significant role in the development of manufacturing. In addition to metal processing, food and beverage, plastic rubber, 3C, medicine and other industries, the robot in the wind energy, solar energy, transportation, construction materials, logistics and even waste disposal and other industries. In addition to the industrial industry, Can be much better.

To achieve the above two steps, China's manufacturing industry will have a high efficiency, low production costs and a series of advantages. At the same time, automation and information will be fully integrated for the wisdom of the factory to create the best conditions. Intelligent factory will use efficient network technology and equipment monitoring technology to strengthen information management and services; clearly grasp the production and marketing processes to improve the control of the production process to reduce the artificial intervention on the production line, timely and accurate collection of production line data, and reasonable production planning And production progress, and with green intelligence means and intelligent systems and other emerging technologies in one, to build a highly efficient energy-saving, green, comfortable environment of human chemical plants.